DIARY: Masochist juggler in sizzling skittle show

Think of the VSO and visions of brown rice and do-gooders may well

spring to mind. In a bid to banish this image, Leonardo, Leo Burnett's

direct marketing agency, has come up with the novel campaign idea of

showing people performing tasks deliberately badly while the regular

maestros are away doing good deeds.

So off Leonardo went in search of an adept street entertainer who would

do a top job of appearing to be utterly useless at his craft. They

finally found a suitably obliging masochist, er, street entertainer who

was prepared to put himself through pain (for a hefty pay packet, we


So keen was he to perform badly that he was a tad over-zealous and ended

up giving himself all manner of bruises with wayward juggling balls. His

piece de resistance was catching his fire skittles by the wrong end.

'I'm really getting into it,' he grimaced.

We only hope the motley crew of tourists passing paid some attention to

his plight so that all the pain wasn't for nothing.