DIARY: Masters of Spin

This week's Master of Spin is a corker courtesy of the PR machine behind boo.com. Following such a widely publicised demise, it's easy to see why the machine has gone into overdrive for the website's relaunch. But fashionmoll.com's Lisa Marsh has been overdoing her superlatives.

According to Marsh, the style site that was once synonymous with failure on the web is 'rising like a phoenix from the ashes of dotcom detritus'.

She races on to enthuse that this new 'definitive modern internet portal' is for the 'switched-on, unabashedly confident trendsetters who live for style, with a global point of view'. Phew.

Kate Buggeln, boo.com's president, can't resist getting in on the act.

'The new boo.com marks an end to the beginning,' she gushes. 'Boo.com ... because style never dies.' Apparently.