Diary: Mawhinney's 'tenors' cannot sway The A List

It seems that the campaign to get Billy Mawhinney into The A List is growing apace. Well, perhaps that's a slight exaggeration.

William Eccleshare, the former BBDO Europe boss and now the president and chief executive of Clear Channel International, has written urging us to "squeeze him in" (Letters, page 20).

Meanwhile, the creative chief of Manchester's BJL is getting ever more desperate to win a place between the black covers.

Avid Diary readers will recall the Ulster-born Mawhinney's e-mail entreaty to us some weeks ago. "Forgive my brashness," he pleaded, "but you can't blame a boy for trying." Flippantly, Diary suggested that "a sack-load of tenners" might be a sufficient palm-greaser.

Sorry, Billy, the two CDs you sent us featuring the music of Irish tenors is not quite what we had in mind.

However, it looks as though he might have admitted defeat. "OK," he sighs in a follow-up note, "The B List then!"