Diary: McCann creatives have an ice time in the snow

Doubtless the great blizzard of 09 will go down in the annals of adland. In years to come, wizened old agency types will regale their grandchildren with tales about how they staggered Captain Oates-like into the office to tackle the brief that just couldn't wait.

Or not, as the case may be. As the storm shrouded the London home of McCann Erickson, Dave Weygang, the agency's head of project management, e-mailed the snowbound troops.

"Following 13 e-mails, five text messages and three phone calls, I can confirm the following," he declared. "That it snowed last night." He then proceeded to announce that a certain creative planned to build a large snow sculpture "in the shape of a male hen". Yes, Dave, we get the picture.

The creative department stalwart Neil Clarke e-mailed his mates to tell them: "I'm in. Don't know why. Heading over to Primrose Hill to build a jump. Lift passes are free ..."

Another reported that the white-out had clearly got his creative juices flowing. "The ice sculpture I'm building of Westminster Abbey is going rather well."

In the end, ECDs Brian Fraser and Simon Learman bowed to the inevitable and offered a prize for the best bit of creative work on ice.