Diary: McCann Erickson, really the creme de la creme

It's coming towards the end of the year, which means in the next few weeks, the A List and the Agency of the Year/The Annual will be published by Campaign.

Following a, shall we say, tenacious e-mail from an employee of McCann Erickson, we think a new list should be created just for them. The Top Ten Self-Promoters - with the agency firmly at number one.

The employee, who shall remain nameless, sent us an e-mail suggesting a few list ideas and thoughts on who should be included in them.

Here is what was offered. Top ten chief executives - how about Chris Macdonald? Top ten account planners - Nikki Crumpton. Top ten creative directors - Simon Learman and Brian Fraser (can you see where this is going?).

Top 10 Best Agencies to work for - Mccann Erickson. Top 10 'Green' Agencies - McCann Erickson.