DIARY: McReavie isn't legless despite drunken night

Now that ZenithOptimedia is positioned as "the ROI agency", it seems to be intent on delivering value to all suppliers, not just its advertising clients.

But the agency's management, led by the chief executive, Antony Young, is not always the sober, serious brigade you might expect.

It seems that events at a senior management away day, arranged by Young to create a bit of team bonding, got out of hand as Young, the chairman, Simon Marquis, and other directors partied the night away at a hotel near Oxford.

The revelries resulted in a broken table and scenes of carnage in the bar. The ringleader? Colin McReavie, the finance director, who shamefacedly wrote out a cheque for £70 to a livid hotel manager to cover the damage, adding a whole new dimension to ROI as he walked away with a table leg.