DIARY: McStardom beckoning for Andrews from Draft

Stardom can beckon at the most unlikely times and places. Lana Turner was waiting tables when a Hollywood talent scout spotted her. Scott Andrews was walking home from the pub.

"Scott who?" I hear you cry. Well, Andrews is a graduate trainee account manager at Draft Worldwide, and if you haven't heard of him, you soon will.

While trussed up in his duffle coat, carrying his guitar and minding his own business, Andrews was approached by a strange woman who cried: "You're just what I've been looking for."

But far from being a desperate pram snatcher, the woman was actually an opportunistic casting director, who secured Andrews the lead role in Leo Burnett's latest ad for McDonald's, and whisked him to New York to film it.

In the ad, screened this week in the UK, New York is presented as "a big bad city". All Andrews had to do was pretend to be English and scared, which was pretty easy, because he happened to be both.

Quite what Draft's Interpublic parent, a long associate of the Burger King account, feels about such treachery, we can only guess.