Diary: Media dunces lag behind creatives in TV's ad quiz

Thinkbox, the marketing body for commercial TV, launched a quiz last month to identify the cleverest, and thickest, people in the ad industry based on their knowledge of the TV ad world.

While the TVIQ Quiz continues until 31 January, early indications from those results already in suggest that all the stereotypes might just be true: that those at creative agencies are cleverer than the dunces in the media world.

More than 1,000 people at advertising and media agencies, as well as a few advertisers, have answered the TVIQ questions on the Thinkbox website www.thinkbox.tv, no doubt encouraged by the prizes on offer, which include high-definition TVs and iPods.

Results so far show that creative agency staff score an average TVIQ of 104 (145 being the highest possible) compared with 101 among media buyers and 98 among media planners. Advertisers currently trail with a collective score of 97, a sure sign that they're not watching as much TV as the agencies they hire. Or maybe they aren't as interested in some of the TV research that's out there.

The media boys and marketers still have a chance to fight back, though. But when the questions are as specific as "how many times do the boys remove the girls' jeans?" in the Levi's ad, they might just miss out on the end-of-term prizes.