DIARY: Media muchachos go crazy for sun, sangria and senoras in Spain

When media Johnnies go on a jolly, the industry expects a certain amount of gossip to come out of it.

And when the destination is the exotic shores of Jerez in Spain, there is even more licence for mischief.

Add to the mix that it's not one, but two, media agencies, and the action should go up faster than an effigy of Osama Bin Laden on Independence Day.

In what appeared to be a bid to oil the increased co-operation between the two agencies now they're set to merge some of their operations, Starcom Motive and MediaVest tripped off to Spain in what could loosely be termed a corporate bonding exercise - or, more accurately, a thinly veiled excuse for a piss-up.

Starcom Motive's John Owen was one of a few who doubtless enjoyed being thrown in the swimming pool while on his mobile, and others from his agency displayed the gentlemanly characteristics of being sick on the dance floor.

Lovely. Far be it from us to name those involved in the shagging and boozy antics that have come to typify these occasions, but the rumour is that MediaVest staff shagged twice as many as their Starcom counterparts. "It's not really bad behaviour - it's par for the course," one party-goer protested.

Unfortunately, Campaign could not get to the bottom of the rumours about an individual whose manhood erroneously escaped from his underpants during a moonlit dip. Any ideas, readers?

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