Diary: The media Test match

Last week saw the 28th annual cricket challenge between media agencies and media owners on behalf of the Lord's Taverners charity.

The brainchild of John Ayling, the day raised a significant amount for the charity and threw up a hotly contested game of cricket. The agencies, captained by the ferociously competitive Nick Lawson from MediaCom, emerged triumphant for the first time in four years following 50s from Mindshare's Jed Glanvill and the man-of-the-match, HMDG's Greg Grimmer.

Our cricket correspondent says the media owners, under the captaincy of Mark Chippendale, fought back ferociously with Facebook's Stephen Haines dishing out "Body-line"-style short bowling to Arena Media's Charlie Makin. Their fielding could have been better, however, with ITV's Rupert Howell dropping a skied catch at slip.