DIARY: MediaCom generosity leaves Rich's in a state

Media owners' generosity or expense accounts seem to know no bounds.

Last week, a throng from the likes of News International, Viacom, The Mail on Sunday and IPC helped MediaCom to raise £10,000 for Nabs.

MediaCom held a quiz night for the charity at its recently completed bar, Rich's, a lasting tribute to its departed chairman, Allan Rich.

Viacom might have triumphed in the quiz but the real winners were the team from the MoS in the auction, securing the services of Claudine Collins, MediaCom's head of press. Collins, more at home in Prada than a pinny, has to clean and make the coffee at the MoS office. Money well spent, we're sure.

The brains behind the night was also a big winner. Steve Allan, MediaCom's chief executive, convinced the MoS team to host a return match for agencies. Madness given the destruction at Rich's.