DIARY: Media's good eggs get very arty before lunch

You may remember a roll-call of the Nicest People in Media in the Campaign Book of Lists at the end of last year: ten delightful ladies and gentlemen just brimming with goodwill, cheery kindness and all- round good-egg-ness.

Anyway, despite the fact that some of those on our list were rather worried that being "nice" might not be good for business, The National Magazine Company decided to celebrate the fact that we had managed to find a whole ten nice people in media by throwing a jolly nice lunch.

PHD's Tess Alps, the Radio Advertising Bureau's Doug McArthur, ZenithOptimedia's Simon Marquis, Glaxo-SmithKline's John Blakemore, the Mail on Sunday's Mike Ironside, Naked's Jon Wilkins, The Guardian's Carolyn McCall OMD's Paul Taylor and Clear Channel's Stevie Spring gathered to toast their pleasantness. Only Granada's Mick Desmond couldn't make it ... and with characteristic charm and grace he was immediately forgiven.

Held in the Good Housekeeping Institute, the ten (and one not-so-nice Campaign representative) were treated to a lavish meal, and when the conversation turned to who were the nastiest people in media, no-one could think of a single nominee.

But before lunch, the nice guys were asked to prove their niceness by decorating Easter Eggs for their PAs. The afternoon proved a glowing testament to the human spirit. But let's be honest - wouldn't a nastiest people's list make for a more deliciously vicious fun event?