Diary: MG OMD offers visitors a glimpse into its 'future'

If you really want to feel the white heat of the technological revolution against your skin, forget the Science Museum. Instead, take a trip to Manning Gottlieb OMD's "Living room of the future".

MG OMD has built the Living Room to show how new technology has the potential to change the way that media is consumed thereby totally re-engineering the advertising and communications landscape.

So what lay in store for visitors to this space-age room and what can we do to ensure that we're future-proof? Brace yourself ...

First, there's a Sky+ box. "These devices put consumers in charge of their TV content and allow them to create a store of downloaded programming at their convenience," MG OMD assures us.

Also on display is a gaming system ("Video gaming is already mainstream.

It is moving from a solitary, sedentary experience to an immersive, active social experience"), a mobile phone, a digital camera and a PC.

Incredible stuff. And in the future we'll all have G-Plan furniture and sit on beanbags on sheepskin rugs. Living room of the future? Only if you hadn't visited Curry's in the past decade.