DIARY: What Michael Howard might have said on off day for M&C's Sinclair

It's amazing what you can find if you want to get low down and dirty by rummaging around the rubbish skips at the back of Golden Square.

A few old Silk Cut creative briefs, David Kershaw's discarded Matalan dinner suit. Even Bill Muirhead's Somerfield check-out receipt.

All these fascinating finds pale into insignificance, however, when compared with the real prize. At first glance, it was just another crumpled piece of paper hurled in frustation into an M&C Saatchi creative department waste bin.

But no. Lo and behold, it turned out to be nothing less than Jeremy Sinclair's first draft of Michael "there's something of the night about him" Howard's personal credo which was splashed across the pages of last week's national press, immediately provoking unkind slurs that the Tory leader had pinched the idea from a 1941 radio broadcast by the US billionaire John D Rockefeller.

While Maurice Saatchi, the Conservative Party's joint chairman, is credited with the new approach, many sense Sinclair's wordsmithing in the polished final version.

Here then is the version of the credo you weren't meant to see. The one we imagine Sinclair would actually like to have written:

- I believe that with good copywriting anyone can sound like they've got beliefs.

- I believe that if you can fake belief it's even more effective than sincerity.

- I believe that borrowing ideas from other clever people is perfectly OK.

- I believe that the bloke I nicked this idea from was very clever but a bit too liberal for my taste.

- I believe it is our duty to help those less fortunate than ourselves - especially when they might become the next government.

- I believe that headlines should be big. That the logo should be small.

- I believe that by good fortune, hard work, natural talent and rich diversity you stand a good chance of getting into the House of Lords - as long as you've got connections.

- I believe in miracles - like the election of Michael Howard.