DIARY: Mildenhall makes his mark in fashion scene but Gold will not herd

It's not easy being a fashion victim, err, we mean fashion God.

For one thing, it costs a lot. But there's also the research; poring over fashion mags for hours and, of course, visiting the shops.

It's a skill that TBWA\London's joint managing director Jonathan Mildenhall has got down pat. His wardrobe is packed with Oswald Boateng and he has a good thing going on with medallions.

But it takes commitment and you have got to make sacrifices if you are going to look as good as Mildenhall, as his co-students on IPA 7 learned earlier this month.

Clemmow Hornby Inge's Sarah Gold, TBWA's other managing director, Matt Shepherd-Smith, Carat's Neil Jones, Radford Marketing's Catherine Warrington and Glue's Mark Cridge were saddened to discover mid-week that fellow student Grey's Chris Hirst had a crick in his neck. Hirst sought medical assistance, requiring a couple of hours' pardon from the intense management training course.

Mildenhall seized the moment in the style of the committed fashionista that he is. He called a taxi and sped off to the Mulberry factory outlet store, where he spent £800 on home fashions and a leather jacket.

The jacket came in handy, too. One of the tasks the students were set was herding ducks through an assault course (to "do something as a team without being able to draw on experience", according to the IPA).

Partnered with Gold, who unfortunately has a phobia for feathered animals, Mildenhall's new leather jacket afforded him both the confidence and agility required to herd ducks - all while looking rather good too. Well done, Jonathan.

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