DIARY: Milkman Lace tries to charm Suki and avoid needling by Haystack

In a bid to win the affections of Suki Thompson, The Haystack

Group's managing director for the AA pitch, Garry Lace, TBWA's chief

executive, adopted the persona of the legendary covert operative ... the

Milk Tray man.

Lace thundered to a meeting with the AA at TBWA/GGT Direct armed with

his best smile, wearing his tuxedo and carrying a super-size box of Milk


Lace - at five-and-a-half feet tall and not of an athletic build -

failed to capture the appeal of your typical Milk Tray secret agent,

"but he tried very, very hard," Thompson said.

Rumours that Lace had dropped from a moving helicopter on to the roof,

abseiled down the side of the building and crashed in through the window

of the women's toilets are as yet unconfirmed.