DIARY: Miller magic as Mac the Mouth, but looks shakier as Ridgeley

They say everyone has a doppelganger somewhere in the world, but it

appears that Bertie Miller, the sartorially renowned managing director

of Spectre, doesn't have to go further afield than our fair Blighty to

find his.

The Spectre clan reckon Bertie's past combination of a pair of classic

80s shades, casual white T-shirt and generic moody air so favoured by

the pop world back in the day makes him a dead ringer for one half of

the superstar phenomenon that was Wham!

Er, are you sure? Although Andrew Ridgeley bears a certain resemblence

to our man, we reckon Miller's the twin brother of none other than Echo

And The Bunnymen's singer, Ian McCulloch. Not quite so flattering,

perhaps - what do you think, punters?