Diary: MindShare man muscles in on fittest manager title

Media types, eh? Giddy from a life of force-fed canapes and vintage Cristal, they are a cardiac time bomb with their pickled livers and arteries packed with more fur than a Russian mink farm.

Such is the populist view. And while - God bless them - there are those who still take one for the team and fly the flag for indolent ligging on the Carlton Terrace every June, The Daily Telegraph's recent hunt for Britain's fittest company director shows that, when it comes to the treadmill, the industry is in rude health.

Winning the competition, which was arranged by the broadsheet's business section, was Mark Webster, the 35-year-old MindShare managing partner, who gets up at six o'clock four times a week to run. Webster scored an athletic 54 out of 60 in the tests. He takes home £10,000-worth of home gym equipment, which will no doubt help prepare him for his next challenge: running across the Sahara.

Sharing the runner-up spot with Marks & Spencer's regional director, Simon Howes, was Vanessa Hogg, the 34-year-old business development director at Billington Cartmell, who, according to the test, was the most flexible and boasted the strongest core, beating the pack at abdominal curls.

Quite how these people manage to fit in an afternoon at The Ivy followed by cocktails at Annabel's with all their training is beyond Diary's logisitical grasp.