Diary: MindShare takes staff on a trip round world

What's the most pressing issue facing media agencies?

That's right, it's where to put the obligatory client drop-in zones, break-out rooms and thinking areas. And the second most? Right again, it's what to name them.

MediaCom was an early trailblazer and it now looks to have set a depressing precedent. Showing what could be interpreted as a remarkable lack of sensitivity and respect for its staff, the agency gave its meeting rooms ridiculous themes such as "Passion" and "Accountability".

Presumably, the management thought this would inspire the galley slaves to "go that extra mile".

Now MindShare has tried a similar gimmick. It has named its rooms after cities in the world where it has offices.

Pretty damn creative, eh? And who knows, perhaps when they ask "fancy coming to a meeting in Sydney to talk about light viewers?", it will fool some potential clients into thinking that they are being invited to an exotic location by the agency.

But it seems that, so far, the process has not been a great success.

With a complete disregard for geopolitics, the names have been divvied out so that entire continents have been moved. For example, Moscow finds itself next to Singapore and Dublin is next door to Beijing, so staff haven't got a clue which room is where.

Anyway, we wonder whether Maxus, WPP's exciting third-string media network made up of WPP's disparate other media interests (also known as the "Odds and Sods" agency), will follow MindShare's lead? Probably not - it would only need a caravan to illustrate its reach.