Diary: Miss March, Miss May and Mr Happy

Last week, Diary appealed to its legions of dedicated readers to help us unearth a picture of TBWA's Matt Shepherd-Smith enjoying the hospitality of Hugh Hefner and a couple of his Playboy Bunnies.

Well, you've come though for us - sort of. While we're assured this picture does exist, one of our readers has sent us the next best thing - a similar shot of the BDH\TBWA chief executive, Robert Harwood-Matthews, in pretty much the same pose.

The saucy snap came about as a bevy of lusty TBWA chief executives from around the globe took time out from a gruelling global conference to rest their weary minds, among other things, at a party in the Playboy Mansion.

As you can probably tell from his rather wide grin, Harwood-Matthews has slotted into the global network scene as snugly as the Bunnies do in their corsets.