Diary: Money, money, money is MindShare's motivation

While the UK performed dismally again in the Eurovision Song Contest, you can rely on the Dutch to produce even worse Europop.

And MindShare Amsterdam is determined to keep up this tradition with its own song, We Work Hard for your Money (based on Donna Summer's She Works Hard for the Money), and put out a viral (www.brandnewtelly.com/mindshare).

The lyrics, sung in a studio by agency staffers while others from the agency dance around their desks, include catchy lines such as "We make plans for your money/that's our claim to fame". One verse even pulls off the feat of rhyming "strategies" with "GRPs".

The highlight has to be some prize mincing , putting even Initiative London's effort last year (a corporate film backed by Queen's Don't Stop Me Now) in the shade. While one man camps it up in a lift, others dance around a photocopier like 50-year-olds at a wedding.

The song does reach a rousing crescendo, though, putting pesky clients firmly in their place. The final lines? "We work hard for your money/so you better treat us right!" That should go down well with the likes of Unilever.