Diary: Monkey pays price for his PG Tips advertising fame

Some slightly demented internet folk have taken Monkey's TV comeback, alongside his cohort Al, as a cue to create a website filled with user-generated content of the loveable puppet carrying out a variety of often gruesome attempts to buy the farm.

The site, whose strapline is "this site is all about monkeys in sticky situations", is at monkeysuicide.com. It features all sorts of shots, from the absurd "death by cabbage", to "death by phone".

Matt Badley, the site's creator, says: "We get a food delivery at work every week and we started accumulating loads of PG Tips Monkeys (we drink a lot of tea).

"People started arranging the Monkeys in funny poses so I came up with the idea to build a website around that concept."

Diary's favourite is "Death by keyboard with orange", which sees the scamp suffering a hideous journalist's death. After Monkey's recent joke written in Private View at the expense of Sir Martin Sorrell, Diary wonders whether the great man himself decided to show Monkey who's really boss.