Diary: Moray has a Mad Men moment at ISBA forum

Forget all that louche behaviour of yesteryear. Adland is now a mature and grown-up business fit to have a place at the client's top table. Well, isn't it?

Err ... sort of. But sometimes it can't resist a bit of regression.

Just take last week's ISBA conference, where Moray MacLennan, the IPA president, jerked a few delegates out of their post-lunch stupor by reminding them what Michael Peters said about advertising 20 years ago.

"No-one has a fucking clue what they're doing, and I mean no-one."

Now, it has to be said that the ISBA conference isn't usually noted for its industrial language.

However, it seems that Rae Burdon, the Advertising Association's chief operating officer, offered MacLennan a case of Champagne if he could work "fuck" and "bollocks" into his speech. And MacLennan duly obliged.

Meanwhile, Diary was rather confused by COI's new "green" agenda presented by its publications director, Andrew Prince.

So evangelical has COI become, according to Prince, that it now insists that bottled mineral water be banished from meetings. It will stick to tap water in jugs from now on, thank you very much.

So how come Prince chose to keep refreshing himself with a bottle of water thoughtfully provided by ISBA's Thinkbox sponsor?