Diary: Morgan's mouth sparks mutiny at BSME Awards

"To them that have shall more be given." Never was that phrase more apt than for Camilla Rhodes, News International's newly appointed magazine supremo, who picked up the top raffle prize of a free weekend in Antigua, business class flights and all, at the British Society of Magazine Editors' annual awards last week.

While for the rest of us it would be a taste of the high life, for Rhodes it could mean having to slum it. The Queen of Wapping is said to be high maintenance: she is reputed always to travel first class.

And it wouldn't be a BSME awards without a Piers Morgan story. As the awards host, Morgan was given a tough time by the assembled hacks, who were unimpressed by his tabloid tales. Having listened patiently to recycled tales about Cherie Blair, Princess Diana and Rupert Murdoch from Morgan's book, guests started to ring each other on their mobile phones.

However, things got worse still. As the Press Gazette proprietor tried to restore some order to proceedings, he approached the end of his speech with the words: "And now for my penultimate story ..." He was promptly booed off stage.