Diary: Morrison celebrates 20 years at glittering bash

To the basement bar at Soho House, where a bunch of advertising agency syco-phants (sorry, slip of the keyboard - we really meant to write a group of loyal and devoted friends) toasted Debbie Morrison's 20 years at ISBA.

The advertisers' mistress of the pitch - otherwise known as ISBA's director of consultancy and best practice - has always been known for her honesty. Or, as the evening's host, Robert Senior, the SSF group chief executive, put it: "The definitive voice of common sense."

Having once failed in an AAR-orchestrated contest, Senior recalled Morrison's frank verdict: "The pitch just wasn't very good, Robert."

Some knee surgery means that Morrison can't take life at her usual gallop at the moment, so Senior must have found the perfect present for her - a diamante-studded crutch.