Diary: MoS's magazine fails to get more manly moniker

For those press buyers wondering why they were kept in the dark up until the last minute as to the name of The Mail on Sunday's new men's magazine, Diary can reveal that it was what is known in common parlance as a cock-up.

Live, as it has been christened, was originally intended to be named Live It. You can see why that was the favoured title. It's more manly, and less likely to be confused with a health magazine. But there was a problem. There's already a Live It magazine, owned by the Conran Group.

It transpired that Associated was not willing to pay the hefty price required by Conran Group to acquire the title, but continued until the last minute to hope that it could somehow go ahead with Live It.

However, Associated has shown tremendous grace. The swanky launch party for the title, at which guests will receive an iPod Shuffle in their goodie bag, is being held at the Bluebird Restaurant, owned by the Conran Group.

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