Diary: Mother comes over all theatrical for Pot Noodle

Waiting for a good old-fashioned ad to come out of Mother? Don't hold your breath - it looks like making commercials just isn't its bag anymore.

The achingly unconventional shop, which has produced its own comic book and an artsy film, now gives us Pot Noodle The Musical.

It's not the first agency to tread the boards, however. Beattie McGuinness Bungay managed to get a play set around a bag of McCain's chips produced on stage at the Old Vic last year.

Mother's musical is being billed as "the Les Miserables of the freeze-dried snack world" and is showing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, opening on 31 July.

Any festival-goers wanting to savour the delights of the un-PC musical comedy, which is set in a Pot Noodle factory, will have to stump up £11.

Characters from the TV ad, Steve and Digger, belt out some choice musical numbers. One song about never putting a woman before your friends has the line "we can scratch our balls with pride, our man breasts we don't need to hide". Very appetising.