Diary: Mother keeps it surreal on the worldwide web

The trouble with having a reputation for being off-the-wall is that it's hard to keep it going. However, those crazy horses at Mother seem to manage it somehow.

Take the agency's website. Needless to say, it's no ordinary corporate website; no mission statement, no neatly partitioned page headers such as "Clients" or "Contact us". Instead, you can navigate Mother's office, climbing stairs, peering into rooms, looking on people's desks and so on. Should you come across someone interesting, such as, say, the partner Robert Saville, you can click on their image and find out all manner of facts. For instance, did you know Bob (or the Silver Fox, as he is known about the place) has "a mellifluous and sonorous singing voice, like honey being poured on a warm, buttery crumpet, which is known to make grown men weep and women ovulate"?

If you don't fancy searching the site, you can look up Mother's staff by nickname. Did you know that the senior strategist Andy Bellass' nickname is Bellend? Oh, you did?