Diary: Mother pays the price for awards success to top sick-on-taxi table

Being sick in the back of a taxi - it is as British as adorning our cities' trees with Lidl carrier bags or supporting Tim Henman all the way to the Wimbledon quarter-finals. Nothing rounds off the great British Friday night binge-drinking session like parking a doner kebab on the floor of your cab on the way home.

Extensive research by those chauffeurs to the C-List, Addison Lee, has elevated the practice of losing one's lunch en route to a near-national sport; one that, unlike tennis, we Brits are actually quite good at.

For years, a nameless driver tells a stone-cold sober Diary on its way home from a temperate evening in Hammersmith, Addison Lee cabbies have kept an unofficial league table of the most emetic accounts on their books.

And for years, the company which has led the pack in the chunk-blowing stakes was MTV. How rock 'n' roll.

But all things must pass, and MTV's unimpeachable porcelain bus-driving record has at last been wrested from the music broadcaster's clenched fists in a hotly contested campaign played out across the floors and seats of the capital's cabs. There can only be one winner, and the award for doing the big spit most frequently has at last been returned to its rightful home: adland.

And the champion of vomit that has restored advertising's reputation for bingeing with no regard for consequence? Addison Lee's most nauseous account? Step forward Mother, and claim your crown.