DIARY: Mother's 'Apes' jape drives Fox bananas

You'd have to be an amoeba to have missed the publicity around the

Planet of The Apes blockbuster, which hits cinemas soon. Coupled with

the recent emergence of the cuddly ITV Digital Monkey, clearly primate

mania is upon us. But who is the greatest of them all?

Being cheeky monkeys themselves, Mother and Naked have plastered a

120-foot poster of ITV Digital's finest primate, dressed in Planet of

the Apes attire, on to Capital Radio in Leicester Square.

But Fox Pictures has kicked up a right old fuss, as the site is directly

opposite the cinema where the film premieres. Fox feels it will divert

the attention of filmgoers. Er, isn't that the point, boys?

It'll be survival of the fittest - and Stef Calcraft of Mother says:

"There's only one Monkey - and he's not in Planet of the Apes."