DIARY: A move to Kensington became a real bonus for D'Arcy but not IMP

Location, location, location. As everyone knows, these are the

three most important things to consider when it comes to moving property

- an experience which is always described as being one of life's most

stressful to boot.

So when the staff at IMP, the below-the-line sister agency to D'Arcy,

were forced to up sticks, bundle all of their worldly goods into boxes

and move out of their plush offices in Victoria to the veritable wilds

of outer Kensington just two months before Christmas, word has it they

were not best pleased about it.

Still, at least they had the company of D'Arcy, which followed suit two

weeks later. This was despite much wailing and gnashing of teeth about

no longer being a canape's throw away from the heart of the action.

But all of a sudden D'Arcy's grumbling stopped, and it was not until two

months ago that an innocent chat revealed the reason why.

We hear that in an effort to appease the mutinous D'Arcy staff, all

palms were greased with a covert bumper bonus payout of £300 tax

free for the indignities suffered because of the move. What a nice

little earner - for D'Arcy, at least. Not so for IMP - they've been told

that theirs is still under negotiation, apparently.