Diary: Muirhead follows in Sir Les Patterson's footsteps

There is obviously already one very prestigious title sitting in the upper echelons of 36 Golden Square, London.

However, Lord Maurice has now been joined by Bill Muirhead, who has somehow picked up the honourable, and very handy, title of agent-general for South Australia.

Now, this may not sound as impressive as a Lordship, but the perks are quite phenomenal.

Not only does this honour grant the antipodean an official residence in the UK, but also an official car (complete with little flags and plumage) and a diplomatic passport.

One M&C Saatchi wag said: "That means he can now walk through customs with coke and guns if he wants to."

Upon further questioning about how Muirhead managed to end up receiving said honour, an M&C source said: "The title is given to well-reputed Australians in England. And because there's only two of those, and one's in jail, it fell in Muirhead's lap."

However, never ones to miss a trick, the agency and its expanding network is obviously rubbing its metaphorical hands in anticipation of the Australian business that may come their way - not to mention the free holidays and transport.