Diary: Mum's still the word

You may remember that it didn't take Beta long to strike up a rivalry with another agency after launching last April, when a difference of opinion over Skype led to a confrontation with Albion.

Keen not to make too many enemies early on, Beta managed to kiss and make up, and everything seemed quite rosy. Until now, that is.

Those mischievous folk at Albion have secured an intriguing guest speaker for their upcoming "Albion Society" event - none other than the Mumsnet founder, Justine Roberts, fresh from her high-profile spat with Beta over its provocative "career women make bad mothers" ad for the Outdoor Advertising Association.

But it seems that Beta might at least have someone in its corner, after Campaign received a call last week from a certain Gina Ford, enquiring whether we had Garry Lace's phone number.