Diary: Nabs Big Bash busts the £1m mark in some style

Thanks to a few media heavyweights twisting a few arms (and maybe some more sensitive parts of the anatomy as well), this year's Nabs Big Bash clawed in more than £1 million for the first time.

Not a bad start for the charity's newly appointed chief executive, Victoria Ward, who cites the persuasive powers of Walker Media's Christine Walker, Posterscope's Steve Bond and Times Newspaper Group's Ian Clark for pulling in new supporters among magazines and new media.

As usual, it was a night when blokes vied to prove who had got the biggest one (the biggest wallet, that is), alcohol caused inhibitions to be shed and Media Planning Group's Marc Mendoza, auctioneer for the night, performed his ritual losing of the rag.

Predictably also, someone suffered the effect of writing out a large cheque before experiencing a sudden "morning after" effect. Like the unfortunate who successfully bid for a car and then thought better of the idea.

Saatchi & Saatchi won the contest for a gold membership card at Stringfellows, which it plans to auction on eBay and plough the profits back into Nabs. "We bought it under the name of Martin Lucas, our finance director," Lee Daley, the agency's chief executive, says. "He doesn't know yet." He does now, Lee.

And who gets the award for being the biggest spectacle of the night?

Diary nominates Publicis' Ann Fairclough. Each time the singers from the West End show Dancing In The Streets belted out another Motown hit, she would be up on stage to dance, only to have her impromptu routine cut short by a security man. But Fairclough would not be denied. Another song and up she jumped again.