DIARY: Nabs' boxing event is dealt knock-out blow

As if the recession wasn't enough bad news for the industry, Nabs has axed adland's favourite orgy of non-politically correct behaviour, the Nabs Boxing.

The black-tie event has been running for 31 years, and while its tits-and-arse tone was set by the media industry, over the years many creative agencies have let down their collective "right-on" guard to join in the fun.

Media Planning Group staff sit in trepidation as they realise the traditional outlet for Nabs' auctioneer, Marc "for fuck's sake get your wallet out" Mendoza, has gone. Page three stunners' usual smiles have fallen as their night of prancing around a boxing ring half-naked has been taken away.

Trevor Beattie is at a loss about what to do with his boxing chums: Chris Eubank was a regular.

The decision to axe the event sees Nabs lose its biggest single source of income. But replacing the boxing night with a football-themed event is likely to attract more easily offended donors - women, for instance.

Shame. It's the end of an era.