DIARY: Nabs boxing presents a spiritual meeting of minds on TBWA table

Good old reliable Nabs Boxing. There it was in all its politically incorrect glory at the Royal Lancaster Hotel. There was bloodshed, flashing wallets and more female flesh than one could shake a stick at. All heavily seasoned with a lot of laddish behaviour.

Marc Mendoza's expletive-riddled (and highly effective) auctioneering was interrupted when he was handed a written request from a member of the audience. Step forward Granada's Johnny Judge, known for his hands-on approach to getting what he wants. One of News International's Page 3 dollies had caught his eye, so he sent Mendoza a note to invite her to his up-coming leaving do. Fat chance mate, she's probably not as dumb as she looks.

TBWA/London was there in force, including Tony Roberts, the agency chauffeur.

Roberts' social skills make him a regular fixture at TBWA functions, and he sure flexed his networking muscles on Monday night. Another guest of TBWA was the world-famous boxing promoter Frank Maloney, thankfully not in a Union Jack suit. He and Roberts, both left footers, found they had a lot in common, and promised to attend each other's daughter's forthcoming First Holy Communions.

Diary regulars will recall that last year Garry Lace pledged £3,000 for an ITV Digital "Monkey". Nabs decided to mine this rich seam once again this year and sure enough the last item to be auctioned off was another "Monkey". But times are hard, and the bidding frenzy wasn't there. It was a comparative steal at £600. Unfortunately, no-one bid for the IPG guide to accounting.