DIARY: Nabs event shows off some artistic 'talent'

If you thought that the boxing and football nights were a little too macho, maybe Nabs' latest event is the one for you. In an effort to raise much-needed cash for the industry charity, the direct agency Harrison Troughton Wunderman organised an auction, during which the artistic efforts of adland's finest went under the hammer.

The event, which raised £10,000, saw some impressive canvasses. The D&AD president, Michael Johnson, raised a few eyebrows by reproducing Edward Munch's "scream" using corporate logos. Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO's Andy McKay turned in a nice picture of a killer whale and Hamish Pringle's "waves breaking" was no embarrassment.

Sir Martin Sorrell's effort pulled in an impressive £110, despite being little more than a graph, drawn in felt tip, showing WPP's prospective share price throughout the next century. At least he's got a sense of humour, eh?

And nobody knew what to make of Robin Wight's "heart". Some people thought it a modernist classic, while others felt it looked like it had been drawn by an undernourished child. Now we know why Wight's not an art director.

At £30, "heart" fetched the same amount as Campaign's own effort, "boat".