DIARY: Naked chooses home comforts over chrome in refurbished offices

As regular readers of Campaign will know, those devils down at Naked Communications have had something of a spectacular 12 months. Coining it, while the rest of the world is more hard up than Old Man Steptoe.

So it was about time they spent some of their hard-earned gains on sprucing up their new Clerkenwell office, a space inherited from a down-on-its-luck US technology company last October. But did they have the sense to invest in a bit of up-to-date quality interior design like J. Walter Thompson did last year, or Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy more recently?

Not a bit of it. Will Collin, a partner at Naked, takes us into his world. It has been designed into a bizarre post-modern masterpiece - with an indoor garden complete with patio decking, with barbecue and topiary dogs.

However, the "garden" is not quite as it seems. Instead of the usual cooking equipment, the barbecue cover lifts off to reveal the mixing decks owned by one of Naked's founding partners, Jon Wilkins. How very Clerkenwell, daarling.

But the real centrepiece of the new design is Naked's reception area.

A master of understatement, Collin describes the space as "delightfully kitsch". It has been built to resemble "your nan's front room" and contains an electric gas fire, porcelain dogs and a sleeping cat. So why bother spending thousands of pounds to make your agency look like a dog-haired granny flat? "Places like Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO are stylish and high spec but they say 'this is a serious company'. In reality, to create good marketing communications, it's good to be in a place that's not that serious and has a bit of life." So, do we hear chrome being destroyed at every agency in town? Somehow we doubt it.