Diary: Naked's Session tries so hard to dwarf rival parties

Naked's regular "Naked Sessions" parties are usually memorable affairs and last week's event, themed as "The Mods vs The Rockers", was no exception.

In looking for a way to make this one exceptionally special, the agency decided that the top of a bill surprise would be an Elvis-impersonating dwarf.

While the dwarf himself apparently went on to have a lively night, his appearance had an unexpected effect on the party's host, the Naked founder Jon Wilkins.

Despite claiming that he couldn't wait to see the dwarf perform, it seems that "Wilko" has a phobia of the small people, which manifested itself in physical sickness when the dwarf hit the stage.

"Drink might have played a part, but he'll never hear the end of this," one unsympathetic Naked colleague scoffed.

No such problems for Wilko's business partner Will Collin though, who took to the stage in a mod outfit to belt out a fine karaoke version of Stuck in the Middle with You.

In a video posted on YouTube, the Elvis dwarf can clearly be seen rocking along to Collin's vocal - just type in "Elvis Dwarf vs. Will the Mod" or go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PYdTlXLF2Y to admire his performance.