Diary: His name is Leo and he's bad at being underhand

Diary can report a glow of satisfaction after foiling a plot to sabotage one of Campaign's features.

We're running a peer poll to discover online advertising's top talent. But an e-mail that found its way to Campaign would have caused even the former government spin doctor Jo "a good day to bury bad news" Moore to wince. "Did you pre-agree with the agencies you vote for, to vote for you?" the e-mail, haplessly copied to Campaign's reports editor, read.

Referring to a question that asked digital folk to name the best campaigns outside their agencies, it asked: "Were you prevented from slipping in your own clients, not an O2 but maybe a BBC?" He then wondered: "Would they have known, given that it is being handled by a features reporter?"

The sneaky e-mail finished: "I wouldn't have minded being involved before it (the poll) was completed, simply because there are tricks that one can employ."

Six "recall" e-mails followed. Then a phone-call to say it was all a big joke - a colleague had snuck on to his computer to stitch him up. "It happens all the time," he squirmed. "Bit of tomfoolery, that's all."

Yeah right, Leo. Oh sorry. Bit of a slip on our part. We see how easy it is. We had no intention of landing Leo Campbell, the deputy chairman of Claydon Heeley Jones Mason, squarely in the doo-doo.