Diary: National disaster? No sweat for Robert Bean

There's nothing like an appearance on TV to massage an adland ego.

Indeed, its amazing what the industry's finest will do for 30 seconds, let alone 15 minutes, of fame.

News At Ten is one of the industry's favourite platforms to show-off.

You know you've arrived once you're asked to deliver comment on the rise in sales thanks to the latest advertising for a new super-absorbent paper towel brand.

But Robert Bean has gone one better than that. The founder and chairman of Banc has been selected to star in the BBC 2 series Crisis Command, hosted by Panorama's Gavin Hewitt.

The programme, which is being billed as a "unique interactive TV event", gives three members of the public the chance to run the country during a national disaster.

Each will receive advice from the military, police and communications experts, but must make the final life-or-death decisions alone.

The notion of escaping such a disaster should come as second nature to Bean, who has been involved in quite a bit of crisis management throughout his agency career. After the roller-coaster ride that followed his resignation from WCRS and the sale of Banc to Media Square, life-or-death decisions should be easy.