DIARY: Need something with an airy feel? Walsh's glass house is £1.7m

Agency looking a bit cramped? Board meetings in the bog? Well, we have the ideal solution - why not buy the former Walsh Trott Chick Smith chief executive Amanda Walsh's house?

It's hardly your average pad - as a double-page spread in the property pages of a well-known London newspaper confirms.

The kitchen's in the middle of the main room, so perhaps receptionists could also make sarnies at lunchtime. There's a nanny suite, which might be handy for visiting network executives. And you can see through the glass roof to the stars at night, according to Walsh, making it the ideal place to work long into the small hours on that elusive Poundstretcher pitch.

However, the price tag might make that visiting honcho choke on his morning sausages. It'll cost you £1.7 million, which in layman's terms is approximately two-and-a-bit Garry Laces.

Nevertheless, it would be money well spent. Not only is the house futuristic, neat and complete with murals by the Tate Modern artist Michael Craig Martin, but it also includes a kettle and a toaster that stow away into their own special draws when not in use. Magic.

Walsh professes to be particularly impressed with the storage space, and claims that she was initially staggered by the way all her possessions soon disappeared into cupboards. So if you're festooned with awards but don't like to show them off, this place is for you.

Walsh and her photographer husband, Brian Stewart, are currently planning a new project in the West Country, and we're sure that pot of cash will come in jolly handy as they attempt to recreate the Eden project. Rumour has it that Leo Burnett has earmarked Walsh's old place as its Plan B.