DIARY: New agency gets off to an explosive start

A little tip here to aspiring new agencies hoping to take the

crowded London market by storm. Get someone who can speak English to

handle your launch.

Consider a press release that arrived at Campaign recently. 'Volcano

erupts in Convent Garden,' it screamed to any Mother Superiors who might

be passing.

It then launched into the agency's exciting proposition - and it's

certainly nothing we've heard of before. 'Volcano, a new adverting

agency, will be officially launched in their new purpose-built offices.'

Is this 'adverting' agency a more sophisticated hybrid of its

old-fashioned parent? And we're keen to know how a purpose-built office

differs from any other. Answers on a postcard, please.

The mayhem continues. Forget focus groups and qualitative research,

there's clearly a new method approaching. 'Volcano encourages

entrapanuerial thinking!' the release crows, as clear as mud.

Let's hope they run their business better than they promote it, or they

could find themselves in serious trouble.