DIARY: New broom Rigby gets down to the dirty work of cleaning up at BHO

Nice to know that everything will be spick and span at Banks Hoggins O'Shea/FCB now Jonathan Rigby has arrived from Lowe to fill the managing director's chair.

Rigby is the first member of a new management team being installed by John Banks, the chairman and chief executive of the agency.

And the new arrival has lost no time in demonstrating his "new broom" style.

In between hunting for a new creative director, schmoozing with clients and cranking up the new-business machine, Rigby found time to fire off an e-mail asking staff ever-so politely to stop turning their offices into shitheaps and do some tidying up.

Immediately Rigby was plunged into his first managerial challenge. The writer Jason Cascarina and his art director, Andy Lennard, make that old curmudgeon Mr Trebus from A Life of Grime seem a paragon of cleanliness.

Overflowing ashtrays and all manner of weird objects about which nobody dared ask too many questions took up almost every inch of space. "We had being trying for ages to get them to clear it up but they never would," a BHO staffer said.

But Rigby was not going to be denied - although the crude bribe of Champagne and a slap-up lunch might have had something to do with the duo grabbing the bin bags with alacrity and turning out what seemed to be a higher volume of rubbish than the cubic volume of their office. "It defied logic," a gobsmacked Rigby declared.

Rumour has it that the clear-up led to the discovery of the body of a BHO staffer last seen heading in the direction of Cascarina and Lennard in August 1997. Let's hope he gets a lovely funeral.