Diary: Is new Fairy ad a case of inspiration or imitation?

They say imitation is a sign of flattery, so Ferrero Rocher and its creative agency, WCRS, should feel as if Grey London has employed half the people in England to walk around the country telling the other half how good WCRS and its client are when they see the agency's latest Fairy ad.

The commercial, which features dancing, diving and swirling silhouettes of exotic ladies in a James Bond-like sequence, is almost a carbon copy of WCRS's effort for the chocolate brand last Christmas.

The two executions are so similar, they could actually be the same ad. The only difference between them is that the Ferrero Rocher ad sets the silhouettes against a hazy gold and brown background with chocolates swirling around the place, while Fairy has a green backdrop accompanied by glasses and plates.

Even the ads' titles are intriguingly similar: the Ferrero work is called "dazzle", while the Fairy ad is named "sparkle".

Also, Diary thinks Ferrero Rocher has an advertising heritage that's camper than a row of pink tents and fits the Bond-style music and graphics exceptionally well, while Grey is really overestimating the sexiness that can be associated with a washing-up liquid brand.