Diary: New full-service agency causes song and dance

You can't accuse Colin Mills, Mark Jarvis and Jenny Biggam of not providing the industry with a few surprises in recent months.

First, Mills quit Carat, the agency he had played an instrumental part in creating, without a job to go to; shortly afterward, Biggam, Carat's marketing director, followed him out of the door and then, finally, Jarvis wobbled like a jelly by taking a job at Gizmondo, returning to Carat, and then deciding to quit the agency for good.

But now the trio are back with a new agency, the7stars, and the excitement is palpable. It is easy to see why - as well as giving up massive salaries, the partners are launching the first full-service media agency in nearly a decade. They are going to need something pretty compelling to bring new business on board.

The launch has been a soft affair, and potential clients are being directed to a website with details of what makes the7stars' organisation unique.

But what's this? Surely not. Visitors to the website 7stars.org.uk are confronted with details of a Wigan-based traditional dance group, the Seven Stars Sword and Step Dancers, whose specialities include the longsword, the hornpipe and Alexander's Rag Time. Certainly beats your usual agency suggestion of 400 TVRs across four weeks and a bit of outdoor.