Diary: New Honda epic pushes boundaries (of patience)

By all means tut loudly and threaten to call the manager, but when a press release flops on to the newsdesk carrying the portentous line "The longest piece of content any advertiser has ever run in cinemas", you will excuse Diary for talking at the back and throwing popcorn while waiting for Tom Cruise to do his thing.

To Leicester Square, then, where Honda launches its attempt at nabbing the 2006 award for the Longest and Most Irritating Cinema Ad of the Year.

In a bid to prove that great things can happen when some of advertising's finest knock their heads together, Wieden & Kennedy and Carlton Screen Advertising have concocted a ten-minute film, unpromisingly entitled "making noise", charting the creation of Honda's hum-athon, "choir".

While its girth might not match last year's wholly derided "Romeo & Juliet" film for H&M by David LaChapelle, "making noise" wins on length by some margin.

It will run before The Da Vinci Code, M:i:III and X-Men 3 at Cineworld and Odeon cinemas. Forewarned is forearmed.

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