Diary: New study shows media planners should get milk

As Homer Simpson once said: "Statistics can be used to prove anything. Forty-six per cent of all people know that."

This seems to be a mantra taken to heart by a company called Milkmedia, which sells the space on milk cartons - classically used by Americans to help find missing children - for advertising purposes.

The company has recently released some research confirming what the industry has feared. TV advertising is dead. Families no longer use the TV as a focal point because it has been overtaken by another household appliance - the fridge.

Family togetherness is being ripped apart during the day and the only real time that families bond is at breakfast. According to the research, a "staggering" 59 per cent of families eat the meal together and "conversation now takes place over the toast rack" and, you guessed it, "the milk container".

Most interesting of all, though, is the statistic showing that in a week the average four-pint drinker takes their milk out of the fridge 40 times while a six-pint drinker makes 44 trips, indicating a "high opportunity to see".

Diary remains unconvinced, however, that the likes of BSkyB and ITV will be overly worried about the impact this research will have on its ad revenues.