DIARY: Newcomer to Fashion Week unable to bring old ad rivals together

Diary's always one for a bit of haute couture high jinks, even if we don't know the difference between Clockhouse at C&A and Chanel. Last week saw the streets of London full of frocks - yes, it was Fashion Week.

Matthew Williamson, member of the British brat pack, had his catwalk show last Monday in a 'top London venue' to publicise the launch of his autumn/winter collection.

Williamson, who pulled in the most glamorous, star-studded front row, clearly has a head for issues of global branding, and makes his bread and butter through working as a consultant for companies such as poor old Marks & Spencer, Motorola and Procter & Gamble.

Last year, he decided it was time to take the world by storm and hired Saatchi & Saatchi to put his name on the international fashion circuit, dahling. 'I want to turn it into a global brand - I want it to be a name you'd say in the same breath as any other international designer,' he pledged. Blimey - better get going then.

A promotional video was made by Saatchis to wow retailers, celebrities and fashion hacks of Williamson's wares, and he set about looking for investors who could help him project his label onto the all-important US stage. So imagine the long faces at Charlotte Street when Williamson revealed that last Monday's show was to be held at none other than The Saatchi Gallery, normally home to Charles Saatchi's impressive collection of Tracy Emin's toenail clippings.

Now Diary would never stoop so low as to open up old wounds on the tired and ravished body of the UK advertising market, but it feels Williamson should have been more carefully briefed about his choice of venue.

One wonders whether anyone from Saatchis went to cheer on their client - or whether Charles would have been tempted to serve said clippings in a specially made tray of canapes.