Diary: And in other news ..

The biggest news last week was Bartle Bogle Hegarty getting snapped up whole by the French.

Alexandre Gama and John Bartle
Alexandre Gama and John Bartle

Coming so soon after Sir Martin Sorrell added AKQA to his mantelpiece (not to mention Omnicom's Adam & Eve/DDB deal), it turns 2012 from "the year of the start-up with a slightly naff name" to "the year of getting bought".

But, plus ca change. While Sir John Hegarty devotes more time to crushing grapes in his vineyard and Nigel Bogle rolls with his homies in the exclusive South-West London enclave he calls home, John Bartle is back, and this time he's Brazilian.

The third BBH founder has reappeared at the network with a tan and a South American accent. Turns out he has been hiding out in Rio reinventing himself as a creative under the name Alexandre Gama. What's more, he's succeeding Sir John as the shop's worldwide creative boss. Mind-blowing. When the world zigs ...